Ingo Reulecke - Movement
Nicola Hein - Guitar
Simon Rose - Saxophon
Wieland Möller - Drums
Performed at Petersburger Art Space, Berlin, October 29 2019

Photo by Claude Hofer at p7 Gallery

“Das Leben ist ein Wunschkonzert”

GRIPSTHEATRE BERLIN Music and  Composition Wieland Möller

Ensemble Mann Aus Obst

Music and Performance in independent Theatreensemble from Berlin

Cymbals and Trees

Rosalind Masson - Movement
Wieland Moeller - Percussion


Performed at Hellerau July 2020
Rosalind and Wieland have been working together since 2010 and meet regularly for joint improvisational performances in Berlin spaces such as the Mime Centrum, Urbanraum and in the venues of MusikTanzNull30. This is the first time the duo has performed together since Rosalind’s move to Saxony in 2016. Parkour offers them the opportunity to share their practice in movement and sound with an audience and to bring together the overlapping approaches in their approach to improvisation. These include the perception and inclusion of non-human material like trees and cymbals.

How long is Now

Between listening and playing, we travel through passages, unfolding layers and dimensions of time.
We are color
We are taste
We are sound
We are change
We touch the dream of timelessness.

Dance and performance:
Ayam Am
Alice Nardi
Anni Lattunen
Wieland Möller (percussions)
Emese Csornai
Performed in February 2018 at Soundance encounters organised by
berlin art united at Dock11, Berlin
and furthermore at NOW! festival, Berlin.


performed at Group Global 3000, Berlin on April 10th 2015
Konrad Szymanski - Movement
Wieland Moeller - Percussion

Performance in Group Global 3000, Berlin, Exhibition "Meat", 10.4.15 Under the title „Humanimalintuition“, Wieland Möller and Konrad Szymanski are investigating in the relationship of humans and animals. They believe that humans and animals are dependent from each other in equal ways and do not show that much differences that humans would deserve the right to place themselves above animals. In their performance they are researching the idea of energetic exchange between humans and animals. For them Intuition is the common ground and key for understanding. „IMPROPERFORM“ A project by Konrad Szymanski dance/movement/sound) and Wieland Moeller (music/movement/sound) Based on the questions of the various relationships of dance and music and what is improvisation and instant composition, Konrad and Wieland are trying to research their conscious for the present moment, the relationship of each other and the arts as well as for the space. This research is reflected in their performances, which are honest towards each other and towards the present moment and the space. Therefore the duo is inviting themselves as well as the audience to a journey of unknown destination.


Video-Clip der Tanzproduktion "ensemble" der YET Company, Choreographie u. Projektleitung: Fabian Cohn und Dominika Willinek Tanz: Anja Kolmanics, Anna Heinimann, Flurin Kappenberger, Johannes Stubenvoll, Susanne Mayer Sound/Performance: Wieland Möller Lichtdesign: Ole Schwarz Kostüme: Noélie Verdier Produktion: YET Company Produktionsmitarbeit: Alexander Krupp Infos:


'Bird's Echo' a multidisciplinary art project on location involving dance, music and film. Choreography: Liat Magnezy / Music: Petar Doundakov / Film: Joost van Veen / Production: Dance Motion Picture foundation

Wieland Möller is a Berlin based drummer, sound artist and performer in the field of jazz, improvised music and contemporary dance.

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